[ENG Sub] [Pee Holding] Pee Holding Showdown With an Anonymous E-girl

*Included are the subtitle files (vtt format) and script data (txt format) Synopsis “Oh… Another notification…” “Ehehe…my new video is going viral~” “Being an anonymous e-girl is the best~” “I can satisfy my sexual desire and need for attention at the same time, and even get giftcards, too~” “…Huh? What’s this?…” “…’Her bladder is so weak that she probably pisses herself irl, too’…hmm…” “He doesn’t get it. I’m wetting myself on purpose, in real life it doesn’t fail.” “…Well, I admit that my bladder is kind of weak…” “It’s annoying to get trolled by this kind of guy… Let’s see…” “‘Honestly, I can hold it quite a bit. I used to beat everyone at pee holding meet-ups.'” “…Alright, I’ve never actually gone to a meet-up, but it’s fine.” “…Wow, quick reply. What’s it say…” “‘Then why don’t we have a face-to-face pee holding showdown some time?’… Ugh…” “Don’t provoke me. I’ll just ignore this…” “…What, now my other followers are on the bandwagon… Why, all of a sudden…” “Oh…the person I was replying to has quite a few followers… I guess he’s kind of a niche celebrity…” “Ugh…If I refuse, I’ll look like a complete coward…” “…Well, to be honest, it’s not like I’m not interested…” “…From what I’ve seen from his tweets, he doesn’t seem like a weirdo… If he lives in Kanto I might meet him…” “…I guess I’ll try meeting him…” “There’s no chance for me to talk about my fetishes in real life…” “Yeah, it’s not uncommon to meet up with internet people these days…” “No…even though I’m socially awkward, I’m having a pee holding showdown with the first person I’m meeting up with…” “Hmm…but I don’t get many opportunities like this…” Character Account Name: Pee-Holding Bunny Name: Unknown? Likes: Pee holding, making movies Hates: Bitter tea, extroverts An e-girl with an internet-famous anonymous pee holding account. She’s always loved taking videos and photos, and by chance she started posting videos of wetting herself on the internet. She started getting gift cards and attention, and before she knew it, she was in too deep. In real life, she’s a total introvert, but she’s pretty, so she’s popular. Contents [Track List] – Safe route (16:51) – Wetting route (11:54) – Epilogue (1:59) [Contents] – Safe route (with SFX, without SFX) – Wetting route (with SFX, without SFX) – Epilogue – 3 illustrations (with logo, holding in illustration (without logo), wetting illustration) – Script Overview This is a fetish-specific voice work where a girl holds her pee and and wets herself! This time it’s a pee holding showdown with an anonymous e-girl! Everyone with a pee fetish has jacked off to an e-girl, right? Credits Illustration: Noa Cell https://twitter.com/noa_cell Voice Actor: Nodoka Nishiura https://twitter.com/ndk39 Production: omorashi huxeti bu https://mobile.twitter.com/omoomo8818

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Genre:Clothed,Peeing Oneself,Urination / Peeing,Scatology

Release date:08/29/2023