Mai's Nurse Training (Tickling her Girlfriend)

(English product description provided by the creator.) DISCLAIMER (Volume Warning): This is an amateur tickling fetish based work! Mai invites her girlfriend Itsuki over to her room so she can study on how to use new tools she got from class, before telling her of the new Argin Virus that was discovered. Knowing that Itsuki would be happy to oblige, Mai uses the opportunity to play with her a little bit… by tickling her with the tools! Delight in the squeals and ticklish laughter of Itsuki as Mai plays with her body while searching for the Argin Virus! Part 1: Intro and Navel Tickling (Runtime: 6: 07) Itsuki enters Mai’s room and confirms what is going to happen. Mai searches her belly for Argin using her finger and a tool from class as ticklishly as possible! Part 2: Feet Tickling and Outro (Runtime: 6:48) Tied feet or held feet? That is for you to imagine! Still searching for the Argin Virus, Mai takes a claw to Itsuki’s feet, saying it is another tool from Class (fun fact: it isn’t). It is in fact just a tool used to tickle feet! After having her fun, Mai lets Itsuki leave, and we get to here Itsuki’s thoughts on what happened….. Total Runtime: 12:55 Script Writer/Director: Lily Florist Voice Talent: beelikehoney Artist: Aykoll Artist ***All tickling fetish material are solely and purely the whims of Lily Florist. The Voice Talent and Artist do NOT have tickling fetishes!*** (English product description provided by the creator.)

Circle:Lily Florist


Genre:Wholesome,Totally Happy,Fetish,Female Protagonist,Anime,Foreign Objects,Yuri / Girls Love,Tickling

Release date:12/09/2021