Semen Exam Ward [English Ver.]

You come to a certain hospital to receive a physical. However, you’re told you’re also going to have your male parts tested…!? It turns out you’re partaking in a secret test as part of an initiative to combat the declining birthrate. A high-resolution subtitled audio work! Please listen using a high-resolution-compatible device! This is a binaural audio product recorded on a KU100. Headphones or earphones recommended. * Normal route 01 Examination Explanation & Measurement (22:09) A kind older girl measures that area. * Includes reversed right/left version 02 Semen Exam! (Riho & Hinami) (18:31) You get a semen exam aided by two girls giving you a thorough licking. 03 A Regular Day (Riho) (28:52) A little ear cleaning healing time in between exams. 04 Discharge (Riho) (3:44) 05 After the Exam (Riho) (32:30) Some more healing after the exam with dry ear cleaning. * Masochist route 01 Examination Explanation & Measurement (Hinami) (22:31) A kind older girl measures that area, and you end up ejaculating!? * Includes approx. 20 minutes of overlapping content with normal route. * Includes reversed right/left version. 02 Machine Milking Semen Exam (Ritsu & Riho) (21:25) A cum-milking machine is used to extract the semen required for the exam. * Includes reversed right/left version. 03 Special Training Ward (Ritsu) (18:24) After pitifully failing the semen exam, so you must undergo some special cum-control with an onahole, and Ritsu’s special hole… * Includes reversed right/left version. 04 Angels in White (Riho) (10:35) You are put under Riho’s charge, and spend a hot, sleepless night with her… * Includes reversed right/left version. 05 Punishment for Failure to Obey Orders (Ritsu) (1:39) After ejaculating from seduction, what fate awaits you? Total playback time: Approx. 2 hours 35 minutes + bonus content CVs: as Hinami: Haruka Amachi (@__amachi) as Ritsu & Riho: Ayaka Igasaki (@ayakaigasaki) Product site: [Credits] Illustration: Wanira ( Recording assistance: Studio Himitsukichi Editing assistance: MeltyBeans (@meltybeans) Recording assistance: s_e_beat+Souichirou Egawa ( Planning / scenario / SFX production / editing: Shirokuma no Yome (

Circle:Shirokuma no Yome


Genre:Healing,Ear Cleaning,Hand Job,Orgy Sex,Ear Licking

Release date:07/11/2020