Show Me Yours ~Ayaka is Only Honest During Sex~

▼▼▼ The application form can be found here. ▼▼▼ *The input page of the form is in Japanese. ■Deadline 2/14 12:00(JST) ▼▼▼ Now Available on Ci-en【Free Plan】: “Track1 Showing Everything” Viewing Version!! ▼▼▼ Let’s experience the first ‘Show Me Yours’ with Ayaka! ■Heroine Introduction ■Concept I want to watch a girl masturbate up close! I want a front row seat as she does naughty stuff! I want to hear an introverted girl’s true feelings slip out when she gets aroused, and I’m the only one who knows! This work was made to satisfy those fetishes. A calm, low-energy girl forms a secret relationship with you after you catch her masturbating. You start by watching each other masturbate. Then she lets you film it. Eventually, you move on to touching each other. After pressing your bodies together up close for some intense play, finally, you..!? Enjoy a naughty youthful life with the chill Ayaka, beginning with catching her masturbating. ■Summary One day in the classroom after school, Ayaka was absorbed in masturbation. She loses herself in the pleasure as she rubs her pussy against the corner of a desk. The person she loves (you) catches her in the act, so now she’s in trouble. She’s panicking deep inside, but she hides it and makes you an incredible offer instead. “Let’s watch each other masturbate. We’ll share a secret.” A chill honor student who’s hard to approach and out of your league. That was her image, but unknown to everyone, she’s just a normal girl who’s unable to make friends or speak her true feelings. Without noticing her feelings of love, you form a relationship with her based around watching each other masturbate. ■Situations ~Track List/Finish Timings~ track00 Title call (03:56) track01 You saw mine, so show me yours (22:56) – Finish #1 [20:53] track02 Let’s film each other masturbating (26:13) – Finish #1 [24:33] track03 I want you to tease me in the library (29:28) – Finish #1 [15:35], #2 [27:47] track04 Doing it in the girls’ locker room (30:45) – Finish #1 [19:46], #2 [29:20] track05 No more naughty stuff… (04:49) track06 Let’s kiss and fuck to extend our pact (23:59) – Finish #1 [9:28], #2 [20:42] Total playback time (Approximately 142 minutes.) *The specified finish timings are approximate. Please be aware that they may vary slightly from the actual timings. ■Purchase Bonus ~Credits~ Illustration: Gomashio Ponz Script: Messe Hinadori Voice: Yuka Hinata < > Produced by: Aoharu x Fetishism < > (Text: English / Voice: Japanese)

Circle:aoharu fetishism


Genre:Binaural,ASMR,Toys,School / Academy,Lovey Dovey / Sweet Love,Internal Cumshot,Masturbation,Expressionless / Deadpan

Release date:01/27/2024