Skunk Girl CLUB 15

* “Label TON” presents… A members-only club found in a corner of a certain town. With her fluffy-tail and two-tone color costume, the girl with a big butt awaits you. Tonight, as always, a bewitching scent will captivate you… Check out other titles in the Skunk Girl CLUB series (Can be enjoyed as a standalone product or even more so as a sequel.) Presenting #15 of the “Skunk Girl CLUB” series! Melcy is a petit devilish new addition to the brothel, and her delightful mix of sadism and cuteness add lots of charm to her nasty gas assault! Her clients can only be delighted as she she presses her three-days-worn panties against their faces, and lets it rip! Enjoy the terrific voice performance from Kotori Hino, and also the farting performance of her derriere! Playback time: Approx. 16 minutes MP4 format + 7 WAV Fart SE recording demonstration files (Approx. 7 minutes) + 20+ images (JPEG / variations included) + Script text + English sub set (English subbed video & translated script text) [Credits] Planning / Production: TON Production Assistance: Dros Sales Assistance: SBD (Circle SBD Ci-en branch) CV / Fart SE: Kotori Hino Scenario / Illustration / Character Design: Angie Eng Sub included! English subbed video and translated script text included!! About Label “TON” *The Label “TON” deals exclusively with works created by TON who is the member of the doujin circle SBD.

Circle:doujin circle SBD


Genre:No Reverse,Abnormal / Perverted,Buttocks, Girl,Sex Industry / Soapland,Blowjob / Fellatio,Submissive Man,Big Breasts

Release date:11/21/2020