Stereophonic Sound - Shirokuma Ear Cleaning Salon + Voice Toolkit [ENG & CHN Ver.]

Contents This product contains overlapping content with “Stereophonic Sound – Welcome to Shirokuma’s Mimikaki Salon! (with Voice Toolkit) (RE117353)”. Would you care for an ear-cleaning salon experience from the comfort of your own home? A little healing for your weary soul… [Track List] 01 For Those Who Want Quiet Ear Cleaning (23:37) 02 Thank you for choosing me! (16:13) 03 Ear Cleaning Audio Only (12:18) Also including the “Mimikaki & Sleep Voice Toolkit”, a collection of 100+ voice materials to use for your own purposes! A subtitled audio work. Audio: Japanese Subtitles: English , Chinese [Credits] Illustration: Nashiko ( Script & editing & CV: Shirokuma no Yome (Ayaka Igasaki) Homepage: Twitter: @ayakaigasaki

Circle:Shirokuma no Yome


Genre:Wholesome,Healing,Kimono / Japanese Clothes,Ear Cleaning

Release date:07/04/2020