Summary Take control of the hero Rakt and fight against the BUZAMA, evil monsters who subsist on utterly warped sexuality! Caution This game was created via Action Game Maker MV. Please confirm compatibility via the trial version before purchase. This game can only be played on Windows PCs. In case the game will not run: There are many causes for this issue, but the primary cause is that the proper software is not installed. Search for the corresponding error message online to see what to do. Features Features an all-female CG set packed with state changes and unsightly expressions! 30 total CGs! (23 defeat CGs, 7 boss defeat CGs) Seven unique bosses! You can fight them in any order, and since bosses are the only bits of action, there’s no need to go through a complicated obstacle course to get to the fetish content! Includes three difficulty modes: Casual, Normal, and Hard. However, clearing the harder difficulties does not unlock any additional content. And don’t worry, even on the higher difficulties, you can retry quickly if you lose. All you need in battle are the “attack” and “jump” buttons! No complicated gameplay systems, just get right into it! Bosses M-Attack (Gold statue transformation, petrification) Foms (Humiliating photoshoot) Lilizuma (Voluptuous Mommyfication) Fennel (Flattening, spherification, etc) Luvunack (Highleg, etc. henchwoman transformation) Slibby (Getting drenched in aphrodisiac laden honey) Noice 3 (Doppelganger and selfcest)

Circle:Ende AA


Genre:Female Protagonist,Abnormal / Perverted,Dot / Pixel,Lesbian, Futanari

Release date:04/11/2022