– Story You live in city full of crime and corruption. During the day you work as a loader at the port. In the evening spending time in the bar. But all is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. In your room hang photos of five girls. Girls, you want to persuade to have sex by any means. You are patient and carefully plan your every action. – Gameplay During the day you must earn money and buy equipment. Watch for girls in various city districts. After you know their schedule you can attempt an assault. If successful, you can force them into sex. During sex you must watch for attraction of attention and your stamina. Successful sex action raises you morale and self-confidence, which in future will allow you to unlock more sexual content. During game progress you can take photos of girls after the sex scene. After gathering a sufficient number of photos you can blackmail girls, to force them to come to your house to fulfill your desires. – Girls Grace – your neighbor, works at the mall Megane – tutor at the local high school Sophie – dancing in the bar Lisa – student, Patricia’s younger sister Patricia – gym trainer, Lisa elder sister – Features Casual gameplay Real-time planing/management Gameplay based H-Scenes (+100 animated H-Scenes + variants) Free look camera + first person view in H-scenes – Have any questions – contact me! – More info

Circle:Dumb Crow

Categories:Game,Simulation / Management Simulation Arcade Game


Release date:Jul/04/2017