** Story ** Earth was suddenly attacked and invaded by the mystery of mechanical soldiers. Snow’s father Dr.Fred was developing weapons to counter with machine soldiers but was killed. Snow was left with large amount of debt and unfinished mobile weapon Liderc. Snow that has been chased after by debt collectors and will choose to fight as a corporate mercenary. ** Mixture of serious mechanical action and erotic story ** Pretty girls will get on mobile weapons and kick machine soldiers asses!! SF action game with classic charms. Once a mission is cleared, you will be able to release erotic scenes with cute heroines. Once your level rises, you will be able to make money with prostitutions and sex. For the retail version full size CG collection (1600 x 1200 pixels) are recorded. There is also a trial mode for hardcore gamers. ** simple operation and customization is available for both advanced and beginners ** Operation of the game only requires rising and movement. The enemy that has entered the sight will be attacked automatically. You can also enjoy the exhilarating battle action with a keyboard without any troubles. It is also compatible with game pads(DirectInput is recommended) The aircraft can be enhanced with customization. However the cost will increase and the reward will decrease. Once you cleared the stage, your level will and HP and SP will rises. For those who do not enjoy action games can also proceed by playing it steadily. —- ** Environmental Action ** Verified OS: Windows10,7, Vista, XP Must be above DirectX9.0c Screen size: 640 x 480 pixels Made with Action editor 4 —- ** Character setting and explanation ** – Snow Energy researchers Dr.Fred’s daughter. A sole pilot who is capable to use Anti-mechanical soldiers annihilate mobile weapon Liderc. From the meteorite attack five years ago, she was injured badly which was about to kill her but, she miraculously survived. Snow’s father, Dr.Fred has been studying about Grov’s technology but, he was killed by machine soldiers. Snow was left with a large debt and, Unfinished Liderc. Snow was resuscitation with Grov’s newly built cell technology and, has reborn with semi-immortal body. She has a cell that is the start of a key of Liderc and, no other person can move Liderc, nor be deprived by the Grov. Liderc’s condition affects Snow and, after the battle, it can heat up and make her masturbate. – Siarin Mechanic who is in charge of the adjustment, and repair of Liderc. Although she was an refugees, who have lost his home from meteorite attack but, she was taken in by Dr. Fred and became his assistant. In order to pay back Dr. Fred, she is continuing with his research and development as he analyze remaining materials. Not only as a personnel who is needed to move Liderc but, He is emotionally supporting Snow. In order to proceed with the development of strengthening Liderc, she is selling her body to the guy from information shop but, she is keeping it as a secret to Snow. – Celessa Originally she was from a noble family of the kingdom that was destroyed by Grov. She is using corporate structure and hide mercenary troop she is organized and, still fighting against Grov. Celessa’s corporate entity was funding Dr.Fred. After the death of the doctor, she has suggest snow a way to proceed as corporate mercenaries. She actually has preferences for female as a lesbian and, suggest snow to sell her body and drag her into prostitution. – Momiji The original Agia Co-Prosperity soldiers. After the army was destroyed, she became a weapon merchant and cooperated with Grov. Realist and optimist who would choose side based on condition. Prefers hedonistic sex and get gangbang by bunch of guys. Carry out the infiltration work activities while running business with Grov with weapons. As a soldier she has high combat skills and, can tame any weapons for land, sea and air. While luring in corporate mercenaries into Grov, she gathers information about Snow and Liderc. After, she attacked snow with her own mobile weapon. After by being defeated by Snow, she cuts off her relationship with Grov and joins her team but, she gets caught by Celessa and forced to sell her body. – Dr. Fred Snow’s father. His title is energy research engineer and Genius doctor with a wide range of knowledge. Continued to study Grov while making large amount of debt, and develops a mobile weapons Liderc that can compete. A little crazy and, gets hooked easily and he was not good with other people. Researchers within the same research filed did not come close to Fred. Originally very calm and compassionate character who, loved his daughter Snow madly. Succeeded in analyzing Grov’s newly built cells and reproduction technology and, have used it on Snow when she was moribund and brought her back to life. As a result, Snow was reborn in an unknown life forms and, was configured as a key of the plasma engine of Liderc. Anti-mechanical soldiers annihilate mobile weapon Liderc(LIDERC) It was made using Grov’s mechanical life form technology. With self-repair Grov core and plasma engine, Semi-permanent combat action is possible. Even when the aircraft is damaged, it will recover as time goes by. The output conversion and the Gun pods is capable to exhibit a variety of weapons performances. Since the attack is carried out automatically by the strategy AI, Passenger (Snow) can focus on movement and avoiding things. – Grov GROV = GURDIAN OF HEAVEN (Guardian of heaven) Mechanical life forms that invaded Earth. It identified himself as “heaven guardian” hence, it became the generic name. Armed humanoid machine soldiers are the main forces. – Grov master Lazarus The leader of mechanical life forms Grov. Acts accordingly to the creator’s will “Enlarge universe’s dominated spheres and its complete management .” but is also wondering about the meaning of it’s own existence. While transmitting advanced encrypted message as a warning to the human kinds on earth, Dr. Fred was the only one who was able to decode it. After grasping the risk of humanity on Lazarus dropped the meteorite group, and started to invade with machine soldiers. Lazarus valued Fred who was able to decode yet, considered him as the biggest threat, and get an assassin to kill him off but…… The unfinished parts of Liderc was scattered hence, he could not identify it. Why did Fred develop it. How did he resuscitation his own daughter, Snow Interest grew within Lazarus. The hesitation gave chances for Snow and the rest.

Circle:Dildo Rotor


Genre:Lesbian,Violation,Rape,Gangbang,Tentacle,Big Breasts

Release date:11/10/2019