KemoMusu Survivor!

Gear up and take your cute and fluffy kemomimi survivor through the gauntlet! Burst through the enemy barrage in style at unbelievably high speeds! Create your very own build with various custom elements! Watch a video about the game here! (Japanese) Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled, action-packed experience! Dodge enemy attacks, learn their patterns, and unleash a barrage of bullets in return. Level up, collect dropped items, and customize your character to create your own unique play style and employ a range of different strategies throughout the game. Strengthen your characters even further to unleash even more destruction on your enemies. Build wisely for maximum carnage! There’s a whole host of game modes including “stage,” “BossRush,” “Duel,” and “Abyss,” each with many stages and difficulty levels and an endless mode, for hours of fun! Stage: fight hordes of enemies BossRush: fight a series of bosses Duel: one-on-one boss combat Abyss: timed survival mode Trade-Off Character Customization Change your character’s status randomly using coins earned by defeating enemies. Choose wisely – you’ll have to sacrifice something to gain something. Freely adjust your weapon’s bullet speed, duration, size, firepower, number of rounds, firing interval, and angle of fire for each character. However, strengthening any one of them will weaken another, so plan carefully! Equipment also has its ups and downs. Pick the best items for your strategies! The friction and turn speed of the character’s physics can also be adjusted. Take into account your character’s stats to find a combination that works for you. Face off against powerful bosses! Dodge bullet hell in epic boss fights! Melee attacks deal massive damage and slightly recover your own HP. Extra The Home Town map is free to roam! Prepare for battle in the Home Town area. But visiting shops to customize your Kemomusume isn’t all that’s waiting for you – play mini-games, challenge yourself to a time attack, ride the Ferris wheel, and more! You can also freely customize the color, size, transparency, and position of your character’s wings. Recommended for those who… – want to play an action game with cute characters – want to play a game with features both survival and dodging elements – want an in-depth character customization element where the choice of what to enhance and reduce is yours. – Regarding the use of AI in this work. Currently, AI is only used for some of the character pictures. Most of the images are drawn by the creator and/or free-use materials. Please refer to the credits for more details.



Genre:Moe,Loli,Animal Ears

Release date:09/16/2023