Monstalandia: I Will Become a Monster Girl?!

A world where everyone has been turned into a (sometimes monster) girl?! You are the only man left in a world that has been taken over by monster girls. And they can only see one way of fixing that… Side scrolling TS action platformer. Journey through the world of Monstalandia, protecting your manhood in more ways than one. If you fail… • Crossdressing • Sex Change • Breast Growth • Impregnation with Seeds • Petrification • Possession • Doll-ification • Body Swapping • Combatantisation • And multiple Monster Girl transformations 5 Levels, 5 unique enemies and 1 boss per level = 30 Unique Enemies, all with their own TSF and reverse rape animations. All graphics and animation hand-drawn. SFX from Otologic , Taira Komori , Zapsplat Music from Amacha Music All characters depicted in this work are above the age of 18. (English product description provided by the creator.)



Genre:Male Protagonist,No Reverse,Nonhuman / Monster Girl,Cross-dressing as a Woman,Feminization,Sex Change / Transsexual,Elder Girl x Younger Boy,Reverse Rape

Release date:10/19/2023