The Witch of the Space Station

Synopsis For some reason, the Apollo space station has fallen into chaos. The time has come for an alien who was being experimented on to reveal her true form: a witch. She must just fulfill her duty and escape. Game Contents – Rune Magic You can learn magic by defeating enemies and collecting their soul fragments. By combining 4 different runes in different ways, you can cast more than 20 different spells. Each spell has its own unique uses. You can combine up to 3 runes at once to suit your needs. Enjoy the game with your own playstyle! – The Apollo space station The Apollo space station was just a normal space station until everything fell into chaos. But it’s no coincidence that something went awry. There might be secrets to uncover… – Difficulty Settings There are 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, and Hard. Most enemies will behave differently depending on the difficulty. As the difficulty increases, some enemies might have different attack patterns. You’ll have a completely different experience depending on which difficulty you choose! – Captivity and Escape Most enemies will get aroused depending on how exposed the heroine is. If they do get aroused, they’ll try to knock her out and capture her. As the heroine, you can try to resist, but if you fail, she’ll have to escape from captivity. When she escapes, she’ll return to where she dropped her staff. Some enemies, however, might try to have their way with her right where they knock her out. * There are some enemies you can’t resist. * There are times when you might not be able to escape from captivity. [Special Commands] You can use these commands whenever you’re in control of the heroine. Ctrl + C + H Invincibility Mode * You might still experience game over when it’s impossible to escape from captivity. Ctrl + C + M Unlimited Mana Mode Ctrl + C + G Obtain 9999 soul fragments Use this command when you’d like to learn all possible spells from the start. Ctrl + C + O H-Free Mode The heroine’s clothes won’t tear, and sex scenes won’t trigger. You can cancel any of the Modes by inputting their commands again. Game System 1. Current HP. It becomes red in Invincibility Mode. 2. Current MP. It becomes red in Unlimited Mana Mode. 3. Current Stamina. This is only used when resisting enemies trying to capture you. Only recovers when interacting with save points. 4. Current Mental State. Gets redder when sex scenes trigger. When it becomes completely red, the heroine won’t be able to escape after a sex scene is triggered, resulting in game over. Won’t be displayed during H-Free Mode. Only recovers when interacting with save points. 5. Maximum HP decreases as Mental State worsens. The black area displays this decrease. Only recovers when interacting with save points. Options: – Key Bindings You can see the current key bindings under Options. Other than the left mouse button being used for basic attacks and the right mouse button being used for casting spells, you can change all other optional key bindings. – Performance Mode The game’s performance can be increased by decreasing the FPS. This is a last resort for making the game run more smoothly. Only use it when you feel it is absolutely necessary. * Trial version save data cannot be used in the retail version.



Genre:Female Protagonist,Restraint,Shame / Humiliation,Coercion / Compulsion,Interspecies Sex,Short Hair (Male)

Release date:12/01/2023