A Maiden Astrologer Divines the Future

The Astrologer “Izumi Mizushiro”, who lives with her younger sister, “Towa”, divines her clients in a corner of the coffee shop “Rino” runs. The clients Izumi divines leave their seat with a smile and seeing them smile makes Izumi feel happy and rewarded. However, unusual things begin to happen around Izumi. Due to an overwhelming increase in requests for her Divination, and the methods or reputation etc., she starts encountering trouble. Then, while Izumi is looking for the cause of her problems, she is visited by a girl named “Maki”. Triggered by that, a series of unexpected events happen, and their peaceful daily life takes a turn. Towards the future foretold by stars and the maiden. Name: Izumi Mizushiro (CV: Mitsuka Natsume) She is a fortune teller and is the main character of this work. She lives in an apartment above the coffee shop “Harukaze”, which is also where she does fortune-telling. She lives with her sister Towa and their cat. She is steadfast and imposing, a good listener, kind and considerate. She’s a big sister type, but was greatly influenced by her fortune-teller grandmother. She got her name as an astrologer from her grandmother She likes it very much and cherishes it. Her grandmother taught her Western Astrology and Physiognomy. But she also does tarot fortune-telling, which was largely self-taught. Regarding her work as an Astrologer, she feels rewarded when her customers are happy. This outlook also comes from her grandmother. She’s just not that good at fortune-telling about romance, though. She loves her younger sister Towa and her cat “Aru” very much. She and her sister get along well. They even take baths together. When she doesn’t have work as an astrologer, she enthusiastically works as a part-time waitress at Harukaze. Name: Towa Mizushiro (CV: Sara Ayumi) Izumi Mizushiro’s younger sister and freelance photographer. Towa is now taking pictures of her elder sister Izumi while at work. She is a little shy and a little clingy to her elder sister. She and Izumi don’t clash even if their perspectives and values are different. She shows her emotions, and although she is childish at times, she is always there to keep her elder sister in line. She calls Izumi “Sis” and they get along very well. She enjoys taking a bath with Izumi. Due to her work, she sometimes leaves home for long periods of time. But when she is at home, she does the housework and takes care of the cat. She sometimes helps out at the coffee shop “Harukaze”, but she mainly works in the kitchen. Her sister is a fortune teller, but she doesn’t do fortune telling. She doesn’t have a problem with fortune telling, she just has different interests. Name: Maki Narasaka (CV: Hana Akino) One day she visits Izumi out of the blue. She has a direct personality and is cheerful and affable. She is trusting and earnest. She shows her emotions openly. She takes actions without overthinking it. Whereas Izumi is very observant, Maki has acute sensitivity. She starts to like Izumi and takes to her. She also has a good relationship with Towa and Rino. She is very good at housekeeping. She also writes emails very quickly. Name: Rino Touma (CV: Musubi Aono) She is the owner of the coffee shop “Harukaze”. And she is also the owner of the apartment building where Izumi and Towa live. She became good friends with Jun when she was her younger classmate in school. She has a cheerful, gentle and unique personality, so she has a lot of regular customers who adore her. She is very much loved by her neighbors and customers, and she gets along well with them. She sometimes even gives them leftover food for free, like Inari sushi. She met Izumi through Jun, and she liked Izumi so much that she offered to let her do her fortune-telling at her cafe. As for Divination, she thinks, “That’s one way of looking at it.” She doesn’t really care about the results. She doesn’t pay a lot of attention to the menu, but she has a good reputation. She has included her favorite food, Inari sushi, on the menu. It’s sad that hardly anyone orders it. Name: Jun Kirisaki (CV: Ryoko Tezuka) Izumi Mizushiro’s older mentor, who took her under her wing at work. She is easy-going, cheerful and caring towards everyone. She has finished rebuilding her grandmother’s public bath, but she still seems to be busy. She has been had her fortune told by Izumi just once out of curiosity. She has absolute confidence in herself, so she is the type that doesn’t seek the advice of a fortune-teller. When Izumi told Jun’s fortune she said, “It’s so hard after all.” She hasn’t told anyone, but her problem is that her chest is small.



Genre:Emotional / Touching,Healing,Woman’s Viewpoint,Female Protagonist,Breasts,Oneesan / Older Girl / Older Sister,Squirting / Gushing

Release date:01/26/2023