Object Control ~Escape By Mysterious Specimen Rape and Birthing~

The protagonist is rudely awakened by the sound of an emergency alarm. Shattered glass litters the room. A once firmly sealed steel door stands wide open. She has never stepped foot here. A once strictly contained lifeform is now free, and security is on high alert. Does this girl stand any chance of escape? She has no fighting capabilities, but she does possess the special power to give birth from the semen of any species. By releasing the many “Objects” contained within the facility, getting raped by them, and giving birth from their semen, she can use their numbers to overwhelm the guards. Perhaps this power will help her escape her predicament… * Note: This is a survival adventure game, not a horror game. There are no depictions of brutal injuries, bleeding, death, or anything that hardcore. * For Mac users: Please move the folder from its original download location before playing, and playing from the downloaded folder can trigger a false security flag that blocks save data from being written. Get Impregnated to Escape! H scenes are fully animated using Live2D! There are over 30 scenes total, including fellatio, cunnilingus, birthing, and more! All scenes contains 7 stages of animation, and you can let the ejaculations continue after cumming as much as you want! The game also features a fully-voiced protagonist (CV: Hiyori Misaki ) There is also an option for full scene unlock (see the ReadMe.txt for details) Explore the Facility in Full 3D Search the COC (Centers of Object Control) for security clearance keys to unlock other areas of the containment facility. While the protagonist cannot directly fight, by getting raped by Objects and giving birth, she can use their numbers to fight back against security! This power will be the key to her escape… Objects and Security Personnel The game features over 10 varieties of “Objects” and security personnel to get raped and impregnated by. Horsemen, aliens, angel statures, clone gel, panda dolls, wall fissures, and more oddities await! Iona, Our Poor Protagonist The protagonist’s status is reflected in real time! That includes clothing damage and filth, belly-size, and cum leakage. The “Objects” are relentless when it comes to raping every inch of her without pause. However, they all do it out of a simple desire to reproduce, so there are no depictions of inflicting injuring, death. Impregnation and Birthing Iona’s special menstrual cycles take only about 5 minutes of play time. Every stage from impregnation to birth is simulated. Eggs and semen are added to your inventory as items, and have a certain lifespan. Make sure there is semen in her pussy while she’s ovulating, and she might just get knocked up. The father doesn’t have to be human, either… The process is fast, and the resulting birthed “Object” is released on the field to aid you. Genre: Interspecies Impregnation Survival Adventure Game Animations: 30+ Lines of dialogue: 2000+ words Spoken dialogue: 450+ words Developed with: Unity 3D / Live 2D Voice: Female character only (CV: Hiyori Misaki ) Full H scene unlock functionality included. (Requires setting file alteration, see Readme.txt for details) OSes: Windows 10, Mac OSX Resolutions: 1280×720~7680×4320 Controlled with mouse / keyboard



Genre:Woman’s Viewpoint,Internal Cumshot,Pregnancy / Impregnation,Childbirth,Coercion / Compulsion,Rape,Interspecies Sex

Release date:12/15/2021