Track Team's Sexual Training Camp

(English product description provided by the creator.) [Story] It’s a hot summer … With a pervert teacher of the track and field club in charge of life education. Summer training camp has begun … Most of the students did not come to the training camp because the teacher felt uncomfortable. And the training camp started with a pervert teacher and a couple ’Ayaka’ and ’Takuya’. Couples sleeping tired from rigorous practice. The teacher does not care if there is a boyfriend sleeping next to her and dabbles with Ayaka … [Game description] You can switch between the Japanese version and the English version with a single click from the title screen. There are 3 types of endings. A simple adventure game. It is a game that creates the best sense of immorality of sleeping her from the boyfriend who is sleeping next to her. In the blowjob and sex menus, you can change the intensity (speed change) and switch the viewpoint (subjective viewpoint, third person viewpoint). You can bukkake and creampie at any time you like. [How to operate the game] ENTER key, left mouse click: Advance the game SPACE key, right mouse click: message frame ON / OFF T key: To the title screen Click the mark at the bottom right of the game screen to open the menu screen. You can adjust the volume and change the text speed from the CONFIG button on the menu screen. [Operating environment] The required environment is as follows, but we do not guarantee the operation. It may not work well depending on the model and specifications you are using. Supported OS Win10 / Win8 / Win7 / Vista [Production Credits] Voice actor: Ayaka role Cv: Rina Miyakawa Sound effect material: Pocket sound, Demon soul Title BGM:「Cosmos」- Music by PIANO FLAVA Ending BGM:「Origin」- track by TACOS BEATS Ending song:「LOVE ME」- HIKARI.N Produced by: dAholic * All characters appearing are over 18 years old



Genre:3D Works,Sailor-style Uniform,School / Academy,Cuckoldry (Netorare),Cuckoldry (Netori),Facial Cumshot,Internal Cumshot,Virgin Female

Release date:12/29/2021