Codex Libido -Halloween- [EN]

This is an collaboration artbook with many artist. 45 wide pages full colored with Halloween Theme. total worth is near 100 pages. Hope you like it 😀 ================================================ All Hallows’ Eve is coming near. Despite being celebrated in another world, the tradition have become somehow conventional to both Monsters and Human alike. It’s a commemoration of time where Human and Monsters coexist in harmony. The day begins with people decorating the roads and cooking food to be later served at evening. For the reason the ingredients used in cooking are laced with all-natural aphrodisiac, the euphoria will last until the next morning. Until then, Human and Monsters are enjoying themselves in an intense heat… (English product description provided by the creator.)

Circle:Siluman Soft


Genre:Loli,Shota,Youkai,Nonhuman / Monster Girl,Short Hair,Tiny Breasts,No Pubic Hair,Expressionless / Deadpan

Release date:11/24/2021