Pretty Boy Tickling Lucky Bag (JPN / ENG / CHN)

Summary The newest work for 2021, and this one features pretty boys! Monochrome with some color. Lots of tickling situations, and sometimes climaxes. Contents A bunnyboy displayed on stage! Bound to a wooden frame, unable to escape! Bondage and and tickling create pleasure! And so do electric massagers… Full-body tickling hell! And then something goes in the back… Stuck in a human-shaped container full of tickling tentacles! Tickling an animal-eared boy’s feet! Caught and tip-tickled by a witch! Time for a bath! We’ve got to wash all over… In a water tank, able to breathe, but surrounded by fish…? A slave-driving king gets invited to a salon… The salon tickles you in the strangest places…! Confined by a slim and unable to escape! There’s no way out… the penetration comes as the tickling continues…



Genre:Boy,Shota,Restraint,Shame / Humiliation,Tickling,Submissive Man,Machine Sex,Interspecies Sex

Release date:12/31/2020