Aiko and Darn Cat (Language: English)!

Updated on 26th April 2011: This is the ENGLISH version translated by the circle. Do your best Aiko! Win the kitten! Aiko the grade schooler adjusts to life with a new, cruel cat! Her mother saved it from a life outdoors, but it’s truly horrible! When Aiko gets an ice cream, the cat takes it away! When Aiko tries to sleep, the cat kicks her out of bed! It snores loudly while she gets the catbox! We’re rooting for you, Aiko! Don’t lose to that feisty feline! Genre: Heartwarming Pages: 18 (2 color, 16 b&w) Author: Mori Kanda Publisher: Hamster Books

Circle:Mori Kanda



Release date:Mar/28/2011