Fight of Na!!

A heroine fights against an enemy, too, while fighting against micturition desire. And book of the ending by which she loses micturition desire and lets wet pants. This is comics that a pretty girl wets pants. I give the fanatic of wet pants this work! [!]Attention It is not drawn about SEX. Please be understanding of this. 42 pages [Story] Yuki of the close friend was kidnapped! The message from a criminal Na Mizumaki. 0:00 at this evening I wait by the top floor of the TK building. Who is a criminal? What is the purpose? I don’t know what kind of trap there is. But I go to help her! But I thought I should have gone to a restroom!!



Genre:Girl,Fight,Urination,Humiliation,Golden Shower/Urination,Ponytail

Release date:Jun/29/2012