GENGOKU vol.3 The cruel interrogation (English version)!

WIP Illustrations & story, 350 pages (81 text pages) bdsm r*pe humiliation nc real GENGOKU is the hard prison & jail by Japanese secret police….. read more to vol.1&2 plot. Days of the torture began at last. Akiko Yoshida and women of the anti-government group who received many humiliations to damp and shady prison guards in underground cells were taken to interrogation rooms. And they were tortured intensely. Nose play, electrical shocks, Enema, Wrestling, Beating by cane, and Orgasm torture… The storm of the torture without the end involves Machiko who is a captive of the misfortune and surges into the climax.

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Categories:Doujinshi,Illust + Novel


Release date:Oct/26/2009