Girl of ant empire (Language: English)!

Updated on 25th April 2011: This is the ENGLISH version translated by the circle. No1 Bad Taste Comic fron Japan! Mushiko was a very cute girl. She yearned for baseball boy Kobayashi-kun, and in a sudden attempt to confess her love during practice she accidentally got smacked by his bat! With stars in her eyes, and thinking that this pitiful accident would make him agree to anything, she tried again… But Kobayashi totally rejected Mushiko. Oh! Love’s cruel sting of respite! Mushiko scowled, and her love turned to spiteful rage, she summoned an army of ants to attack him. A first love campus comedy manga. Genre: Bad Tast Comic Pages: 25 pages in full-color Author: Mori Kanda Publisher: Hamster Books

Circle:Mori Kanda



Release date:Apr/19/2011