Impregnating My Beloved Blindfolded Daughter!

The ultimate torture and despair given to a Lolita girl, a show repeatedly given by her father of her being impregnated. What must the impregnated girl think when her vagina is destroyed, when she is broken, body and soul? *Since this product contains impregnation, torture, and bloodshed, it is not recommended for those who are sensitive to these themes. *16 pages of high resolution data (JPG) *16 pages of text-free data (JPG) *20 pages of pre-production data (PNG) A total of 52 pages of data are included. Created by artist pozahara *As new information will be posted on the blog or on Twitter, if you are interested, please feel free to register on RSS or follow in Twitter.


Categories:Doujinshi,Illust + Novel


Release date:Mar/19/2015