monsters episode Irem -Incubus Prison 1-!

20P DOJIN Story in the Therianthropes’ world. Ground World to live the Therianthropes had been ruled by Alchemia kingdom. The Incubuses had dominated the Ground World underground (the Incubus World). the Therianthropes had been fighting with the Incubuses for the sake of pease. One day. The brave, Heliorne left the castle to subdue the incubus warden, Irem. He visited the town of wolf that Irem were infested. He was welcomed to the landlord of the town and received the item. But… —- the incubus, Irem(rabbit) trains the brave, Heliorne(dog).



Genre:Animalize,Fantasy,Hand Job,Sexual Training,Fat

Release date:Aug/30/2016