Sex trained classmates-The love dolls of TANAKA-English translated version!

The story of how an overweight boy used the shameful secrets of his JK classmates to brutally enslave them. …”I was confused at first, but I realized that I was starting to feel a little excited and begin to get my hopes up”…  Chapter 1:She send him her selfie taking her exposed bottomless body…she continued to cry out by being the vibrator in and putting the electric massager on her clitoris. She was My favorite classmate… Chapter 2: Colorful toys, 10 or more vibrators and the PET bottle were fully filed with her gaping holes. I thought that she was probably dating the ***** handsome team captain… Chapter 3: He made her clean the public toilet using no cleaning tool but licking all toilet bowls. She sold a man herself for one hundred yen. Why am I a friend of such a pervert? 30 pages (26 with illustrations, 4 with text only) Sizes: 2000 x 1417/ Full ver. in English Sizes: 1525 x 1080/Full Ver. and No speech balloons ver. in Japanese All JPEG format Warning: depicts some scat, urination, piss drinking, piercing, spanking, hardcore scenes * This is a work of fiction. (All infos and words are written in English language) The translation was done by the circle themselves.



Genre:Lots of White Cream/Juices,Uniform,Cuckoldry,Sexual Training,Slave,Pervert

Release date:Jan/31/2013