BLUE PORT J - Summer Sky Prelude!

FoxEye returns with an all-new exotic underwater entertainment 3D adventure game. Dive into the beautiful blue waters and explore the paradise island au naturale: no scuba tanks or fins, just natural pearl diving bikini outfit. Treasure and danger await your discovery. Let’s begin a teenage girl adventure! Thanks to the collaboration of Aster, we are proud to present this high quality English language edition. Bonus – Accessorize your desktop with wallpapers + clocks! * Only Summer original illustrations -12 full HD images (1920×1200) * Desktop accessory collection Midsummer Treasure Box – Underwater timer/clock with voice, each for 3 girls * Mini-events available exclusively in the trial version – check it out and confirm compatibility. Save anywhere you can breathe Penalty-free continue and save system Powered up contents and gameplay focuses on value experience Accessible to first-time gamers and experts, lots of content! BLUE PORT J Official Site: * Suitable for all ages, but girls are depicted in swimwear, semi-nude, etc. Please take note before you purchase.


Categories:Game,Adventure / Under Sea Exploration 3D Adventure Game

Genre:Girl,Loli,Swimwear,School Swimwear

Release date:Apr/18/2012