Cunning Little Girl in a Tight Spot!

Sion Kamisiro was troubled by a anomaly in the data. Her last experiment yielded weird results and she wanted to know why. Indeed, the results were invalid… She was the only one who knew so far…. What to do? Sion Kamisiro is caught in a lie. Talk and tease her into submission. 4 possible endings – Flash-based ineraction like opening her legs, touching her breasts, etc. – Exploit her into kissing and fellatio, even full intercourse – Full penetration scenes include 3 positions + 4 endings (2 positions are from first person POV) – Relentless creampies, not bland fades to white or quick simple urrgh, done – Detailed focus on intravaginal views, of course can be turned off – Revisit any unlocked ending anytime * Voice content is sound effects only. * Please play the trial version to confirm system compatibility. * Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates. *A sample and a trial version are Japanese versions. The release version has also enclosed the English-language edition.

Circle:JSK Studio


Genre:Uniform,School,Internal Cumshot,Coercion/Compulsion,Long Hair,Virgin Female

Release date:Mar/28/2013