erotic_STG1 (Language: English) -Meeting big breast girl of succubus,'that is lewdness...'-!

Shooting game with the stripping feature! Defeat the minor enemies on the way and gather kefir power! Then splash them all over the devil girl who appears in the final match! Her clothes become tattered and she ends up wet with white cream! Words in the game are in English, translated by the author. In the second round, alternative images (rope and banana apple) appear. Erotic images in higher resolution are attached as well. (approx. 10 images with rough images) For more information, please refer to the following page: Try out the demo version on your computer first to experience the game and check the operation. Produced by 111: Art by Emilia Kujo:

Circle:Kujou no Kai


Genre:Middle-age,Bukkake,Big Breasts

Release date:Nov/26/2009