Flash-Flesh: Naughty Nurse!

Flash-Flesh: Naughty Nurse, a totally interactive flash game! Now with more options, more frames of animation and easier navigation! You’re been in the hospital for a long stay. During this time, you’re developed a close friendship with your nurse, a beautiful, big-titted blonde girl. She’s confided in you that her boyfriend is a jerk who doesn’t want to have children. The nurse is tired of fucking with a condom and diaphragm, or birth control of ANY kind! She wants to live a little and have sex without barriers! After she’s seen your dick, she thinks you’re the right guy for the task. On your last day in the hospital, she comes on to you and invites you to remove her diaphragm before having round after round of hot sex with her. Try the demo now! Works with Flash 7 and up! Any questions? Please contact me at daneanimation@yahoo.com

Circle:Dane Animation


Genre:Nurse,White coat

Release date:Jan/28/2010