Flash-Flesh: Teacher's Pet!

Flash-Flesh:Teacher’s Pet Now with easier navigation, more options and more animation frames! Your college biology teacher is one hot babe… But she only has sex with smart men because they have the strongest, best, sperm available. You’re gotten straight A’s in her class, the toughest classes on campus. She’s fallen madly in love with you, and being a lonely single woman, desires to have you fill her womb with your semen. First, she sucks it out of your balls with her mouth, then allows you to do her from both the missionary position and rear entry positions. Try the free demo now! Works with Flash 7 and up! Questions? Contact me at daneanimation@yahoo.com

Circle:Dane Animation


Genre:Teacher,Younger Man (Dominant),Uniform,Pregnancy/Impregnation

Release date:Feb/14/2010