Full Thrust Valkyrie!

It is the year 25XX. A mysterious moon has appeared in orbit. Suddenly, the Earth is attacked by an unknown enemy. Only the Valkyrie can drive the invaders back and save the planet! Enjoy classic arcade shooter gameplay. Alternating levels of side-scrolling and top-down action, with challenging boss battles. Collect power-ups to gain an advantage over enemies. Vector artwork provides a crisp, clean graphics quality. CONTACT & SUPPORT — ghazworks@gmail.com [Arrow Keys] Player Movement/ Menu Navigation [Space] Player Shoot/ Menu Confirm [Enter] Menu Confirm [Esc] Pause/ Ingame Menu POWERUPS [s] Shotgun [R] Rapid Fire [L] Laser [B] Barrier [X] Enemy Destroy


Categories:Game,Shooter / Ero Shooting Game


Release date:Jan/09/2015