ImpregDef - Level 1 & 2!

ImpregDef Level 1 & 2 are the first two levels for a tentacle tower defense game. You play as a witch and a tentacle monster which is grown from a cauldron. The aim of the tentacle monster is to impregnate the witch, but not too fast, as it has to build up it’s full strength. Each level contains its own unique xxx scene. The first two levels contain 3 different enemy types and 1 tower type. More levels will be available for purchase in the future, depending on the success of the levels before. Additional levels are only playable if you got the levels below, so you can’t skip levels. The higher the levels the more wild the xxx scenes. Warning: some of the high levels might contain blood and cartoon gore. The fairy in the demo is not in the actual game. She is only for demo purpose there. In future levels there will maybe also other things fucking the witch, not only the tentacle monster. There will be around 8 total levels. Maybe more. Not sure yet. When you completed a level it becomes available in theater mode. There you can watch all it’s animations without enemies. My games use a very basic save system, but it should be very solid (no cookies which get deleted on pc transfer or after a short time). *The browser save button works only on windows in Internet Explorer* otherwise you have to save the data by hand (See read me). The loading is done automatically. The censorship is in realtime and you can choose your type of censor. The levels are quite short, because you have to imagine that these are only the first two levels and the xxx is getting more wild with higher levels. If you think pricing is too high let me know. If you have other comments or critiques let me know. You can use the guestbook on my website, and you don’t speak english use another language.



Release date:Jun/28/2012