In My Town What Can't Be Done In Time Is Done Between!

* Feb 27th 2017 – Updated to English Translated Version! DLsite Official English Translation Original haiku title: Ya re nu na ra (5) To me te mi se yo u (7) O re no ma chi (5) If I can’t get sex (5) Then I will sus pend your time (7) This home town of mine (5) ————————————————— By request, this game has been updated in the following ways: – cheat to turn Voices off – cheat to turn BGM off – cheat to make the protagonist invisible If you feel the protagonist is in the way at time release. Make him invisible!! Sorry about that one ><; --------------------------------------------------- * Stop Time Events around me unfold like any typical day. Girls walking down the street, dressed up and going places. Secretaries to work, students and teachers to school. Turn on the TV and there's a pretty weather girl. Cute girls getting to be idols and doing some performance. I bet they have a rotten personality amirite? Someone getting married. Some mother-daughter combo shopping. Some JK and her friends at practice or chatting... Living up puberty? The so called spring of their life? Look at them all, leading fulfilling lives. It makes me sick! The old me would have seen these people and grumbled on and on... But I had an epiphany. It's so charming and heartwarming now. Everyone's happiness... is my happiness. Right'o, off to shove my d*ck inside these happy girls. * Erotic Scenes I can stop time and have my way with women. From lolis, to busty ladies, I've licked the plate clean. The world is my very own paradise. But, I can make it even more paradise-y... [ Wedding Hall ] Oh, look at the happy couple having their wedding ceremony. Share some love with me yo? Just a little? Alright? You've got everyone's and are super happy so it's all good right? Uuahh! Her p*ssy is all wet! Looks like this wife was a slut. What a lucky husband. Being able to bang this p*ssy every day. I'm so jealous. Uuhh.. here I cum!! I won't acknowledge being the father but you've got a husband so it's all good. Yep. [ Weather Girl ] Ohhh, it's the weather girl from TV! She's so pretty! Even more so in real life! Look at her giving everyone nation wide that glistening smile! Over 10 million people must be watching her right now. That's awesome!! I guess she'll end up marrying some sports athlete or something? That's nice! Having a stable future and all! Oh, I know. I'll help her get even more famous!! ...etc etc. You get the gist. This time we've focused on humiliating scenes! The intensity is top class!! With over double the animation frames than our previous release! A teacher cumming like crazy in front of her class! It will certainly be a learning experience for the students aye? An impertinent fancy gal gets a taste of a r*petastic rollercumster ride! Mother & daughter, 3 x ballet girls, 4 x idol group, all their pussies utterly pulverized! The animator's hands were pulverized too (lol) * Action Time stops when you are concentration but once your concentration runs out... time starts flowing again. When time is stopped, your Conscience comes to attack you. Making contact with yourself, decreases Concentration and increase Conscience. The more you defeat your Conscience, the more your Concentration increases. The action parts are the same as our previous release but we have added a system focused on increasing your Concentration. That being said, a lot of feedback mentioned it wasn't needed... lol (sadface) Don't worry though, there is a cheat mode. * It's really intense An action game where you absolutely pound on the girls when time is suspended. The situation is amazing. The girls experience Orgasmic Hellbliss in humiliating places and in front of a whole bunch of people. [ School ] The school teacher is of course in class! Now, pay attention everyone! This intelligent beauty is going to turn feral lewd beast! In this world, there are men and women. This, is the female specimen! Even this serious, smart and stalwart teacher, is a slut at heart! Make sure to watch close and take notes as she CUMS! [ Concert Hall ] The ultimate underground idol group of this generation! I'm a really big fan of Mikitease 5! They're my favorite. But a social recluse like me couldn't afford tickets so I had to use my parent's money! I went to the handshake events and bought lots of CDs! You see, I love you all that much so, it's alright if we become one aye? Of course, all 4 of you! I'm your biggest fan and love you all! Also, the idol business is all about selling your body right? Sex is part of the job yo? I'll inject ya'll full with my own special milk! ...etc etc, said it once and will say it again, the scenes are amazing. Atrocious! And ALL Hand Drawn Animation! After finishing up with your bangfest, releasing the time stop awaits! The feelings and sensations felt during their suspended ordeal all cums at once!!! Check these girls out as the twitch and roll around from a shock to the system so strong that it could probably cause death! Bet these girls never could've imagined themselves cumming and peeing like this in front of everyone!! Lots of people are watching and their facial expressions are a must see! As long as you have enough Concentration you can roll back time for a instant replay as many times as you like. Enjoy the girl's traumatic experiences over and over again. Miracle Heart brings you another Hand Drawn Fully Animated work! Hand drawn realistic depictions of hand picked erotic situations! We hope that you enjoy it to the very last drop of cum! * Trial Version Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility. Cheat mode and CG mode are built into the retail game. So, you can simply enjoy the ecchi if action isn't your thing.

Circle:Miracle Heart

Categories:Game,Action / Time Stop Animation / Action

Genre:Anime,Loli,Time Stopping,Violation,Humiliation,Big Breasts

Release date:Jul/03/2016