Loli Hoi 2 * The Demon Lord's Power Sucks *!

A modern day tale about a lolicon protagonist with sudden demon king power. * Level up in a game within a game Within the story of Loli Hoi 2 is a battle RPG called Dark Judgment which makes you stronger! * Sex with your choice of 3 lolitas Defeat the boss for a sexual festival! Creampie away. Every time you do it (or redo it) is counted. * Ecchi scenes are all dot anime 640×480 resolution hand-created pixel animations with voice! * Sex scenes for every character with up to 4 variations, including pregnancy * Multiple endings (4 total, 1 for each of 3 lolitas + BAD END) * No game over if you lose a battle ※【 RPG Maker VXace runtime package (RTP) is not required.】 Trial version data cannot be transferred. It should be noted that the trial version does not have the translation . Please acknowledge .



Genre:Dot/Pixel,Anime,Loli,Internal Cumshot,Pregnancy/Impregnation,Childlike Build

Release date:May/15/2015