Magical Girl Kureha  (W/ English Subtitles)!

This is the ENGLISH version translated by native English professional translators. (Text: English / Voice: Japanese) The girl who is chosen as the guardian… doesn’t have a sword to destroy the evil kind. The devil who has the sword… has no belief in the justice. This is the story of the battle between the residents of the darkness and the girl who takes charge of the destiny of the world! * Masurao Presents an animated action novel with the tentacle touching game feature! * Control the tentacles to make the magical girl cum again and again and ejaculate as much as you want! The interactive touch game and many erotic scenes of various situations! * Erotic scenes are fully animated with voice and sound effects! The bloody bond turns a girl into a soldier! * The demo version contains an introductive movie.


Categories:Game,Simulation / Fully animated tentacle touch game

Genre:Magical Girl,Magic,Violation,Slave,Gangbang,Tentacle

Release date:Sep/10/2010