Night High 3!

You mustn’t wake a sleeping girl from her pleasant dreams… Instead, give her a hand, or two… or…?! Make those dreams of hers even more pleasant with multiple critical hits to her erogenous zones! We hope you enjoy this tense heart thumping, night stalking situations, feely touchy flash game! * Not related to previous Night High releases. Can be enjoyed as a standalone product. // Voice Materials Tiger Lily (CV: Ryo Suzuki) Mizinko Materials (CV: Phan Masaki) Maoudamashii * Note that while there are two voice actresses, there is no hidden character or anything like that.

Circle:Denji Kobo

Categories:Game,Simulation / Touching FLASH

Genre:Touching,Decadent/Immoral,Internal Cumshot,Rape,Brunet Hair

Release date:Mar/21/2017