Onsen Hime Secret Rendezvous!

Onsen Hime RPG is back! This time with Onsen Hime: Secret Rendezvous! Join us on an adventure to rescue 4 girls from certain doom before time runs out on them! Each girl plays an important role so be sure to find them in time! Once rescued, help the girls in their quests and find ways to convince them to share a little private time with you. Returning features include: – The Movie Player console with 32 new animated Hentai scenes when teamed with your favorite girl! – The Picture Gallery with 39 new steamy pictures and main menu access for easy viewing. – The Extraction/Alchestry system with new recipes and new items to craft! New Features Include: – New enemies and maps. – Improved emotion system ? Use body language or helpful gossip to determine feelings. – Improved armor and weapon stats. – Side view battle system reminiscent of the old FF-style. – In battle equipment, team member or skillset switching. – Make skills temporary or permanent with the use of skill cards. – Training out of battle to raise stats instead of mindless grinding. – Action System Options which allow you to interact with your environment using skills or weapons. Action System Options include: Interact, Examine, Hunt, Get Water and more! – Time feature – Meet girls in certain places at specific times. Peek in on their most private of moments and even peep on Inn Employees! Be careful though, bother a girl too much and she might get angry! – Wait feature – Tired of waiting for a specific time to unlock an event? Use the Wait function to pass one game time hour in an instant! – Quest journal to keep track of your open quests. – Built-in help menu – Click on the ? in the upper right corner for tutorials and videos. – Level cap with stronger enemies that level match the party with a +/- 4 level variance. Want a challenge from regular game play? Head to the mansion to the far north of the forest and test your skills against powerful enemies – just don’t say we didn’t warn you! This game is in English so the Japanese language pack is not required. ***NOTE: IF YOU EXPERIENCE ISSUES SAVING, PLEASE RUN IN ADMIN MODE*** Update: Player Room Glitch has been resolved.



Genre:Fantasy,Breast Sex,Masturbation,Blowjob,Big Breasts

Release date:Jul/03/2014