Pantsken 3 (for Android)!

A minigame variation on strip janken, or rock-scissors-paper. Play against a girl. Win her panties. Wahoo! * New! in Pantsken 3: the Joker (it beats all other cards) Watch out, your opponent may play it; as a perk, if you hold the Joker and win without playing it, you get 3x payout on your bet * Heart marks in the sample images are not present in the normal game. * This is the Android version. There is a separately sold PC/Mac version (RE166215). Collect panties. Trade for goods. Use them! + HOW TO PLAY ++++++++++ Panties beats bra Bra beats swimsuit Swimsuit beats panties Place your bet (which is also panties) and if you win, you get back double. If you make no bet, you will win the minimum of 1 pair of panties. + GOODS TO WIN ++++++++++ Gym shorts Maid uniform School swimwear Bunny outfit Magical girl Stripping (school uniform) 2 kinds of sex Sound credit: Maou Damashii Sound credit: Pocket Sound




Release date:Nov/22/2015