PantsTyping for Android!

This product supports the English language by default. In environments that are not set to Japanese language, the game will be displayed in English by default. You can switch the language by pressing the F1 key on the keyboard when on the Home Screen. However, Please note that the English has been Machine Translated. ——————————————————————————- A Simple Undressing Typing Game! * In order to play this game a KEYBOARD is necessary. This game CANNOT be played without a keyboard. With a Bluetooth keyboard you can play straight after connection. With a USB keyboard you will require a switching adapter. If you have problems after connecting the keyboard, then you may need to change your smartphone settings. * This is the android version. The PC version can be found here: Type your heart out to relieve this girl of her clothing. – Facial expression are animation, reactions are voiced. – Proceed through the game by clearing mission. e.g. the first is to removed her skirt. (There are 7 total missions) – Contains a story which occurs when you clear missions. – Her breasts and genitals are animated (during ending mission) – At the fairy shop you can purchase damage up items and panties for the girl to wear. (There are 12 panties in total) – Upon completing all mission, 1 pose art is added (ass focused pose) Contains: 2 poses, erotic content with some H anime, 12 different panties for dress-up and voice when she is undressed. [Credits] Voice Acting: Koharu Hazuki Sound: Free Sound Materials / Maoudamashii Pocket Sound



Genre:Breasts,Girl,Uniform,School,Milking,Golden Shower/Urination

Release date:Sep/27/2017