Phantom Knight!

Story Cloaked in the dark clouds of a necromancer’s curse, the once-prosperous town of Aquablum has fallen into ruin. A lone swordsman appears. His name is Icarus. Questing variously in Aquablum against girl-like opponents with lewd tactics, Icarus could be the town’s liberator, or its worst scourge. Why has he come here…? Interactive action game Use the mouse to perform strikes with your sword, defend with your shield, use items, build attack and ecchi skills, and face myriad enemies in quests! Use ecchi skills in battle Touching, irrumatio, breast grabs, hip & groin caresses, gangbanging, vibrator attacks and more are your tools for victory, each with status effects. Induce acme pleasure Every female can be defeated in battle and brought to maximum orgasm, from the shop’s daughter to kemonos and succubi and sorceresses. Features Voice acting, sound effects and BGM; save option; gallery mode for viewing ecchi scenes as you like. CVs Rio Kisaka (as Nicole, Saki and Angela) Ao Inukai (as Nim, Rebecca, Quenciss and Charlotte) Momoyo Akiba (as BD, Nanako, Victoria and Velonica) Tatsuya Nakajima (as Dr. Aragaki, Malak, Decary and Icarus) A mysterious dict110ai swordman in a strange town… His mission is known. * July 31 2016 updates ver1.02 and – added bonus ending replay – bug fix for first event – adjustments to event flag and enemy strength ver1.03 – bug fix for saving at inn – adjustment to game over condition in last boss stage Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility. Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.


Categories:Game,Action / Interactive Ero Action Game

Genre:Touching,Fantasy,Internal Cumshot,Breast Sex,Violation,Forced Oral/Irrumatio

Release date:Aug/24/2016