RIKUEST MOVIE (English subtitle version)!

This is the movie version of the previous work RIKUEST! Full 3D animated movie! Full voice and exciting sound effects! This product uses smooth animated feature that can only be found in 3D animation, and physics simulation! I made sure to pay careful attention to Juiced expressions such as facial cumshot, internal ejaculation. The story will be different depending on the choices you make. Image size: 800×600 pixels Frame Rate: 30fps Operation Environment: Microsoft Windows 98/98SE/ME Microsoft Windows 2000 Microsoft Windows XP We apologize, however, computers not listed above (including 64bit OS) are outside of our realm of support. CPU;: Pentium or greater Memory: 512MB or greater (1GB or greater is recommended) Hard Disk Drive: 300MB or more of disk space Display: Resolution: 800×600 pixels or greater, True Color 16bit (65,536 colors) DirectX9 or greater Display driver which runs MPEG-1 movie smoothly Sound: Sound card which supports DirectSound Note: This product contains loop animation. We’ve tested and confirmed that this item works on Windows Vista, but Please be advised that Windows Vista is out of support. The image size of the free demo is 640×480 pixels.




Release date:Nov/27/2008