Tale of Legends IV ~if~!

– Overview 1000 years has passed since the Holy Crusade. This is a story woven by the ancestors of Heroic lineage. Protagonist Shin is a young lad aiming to become a Doll Master. In order to pass his graduation examination, he must up his skills. Chloe takes him with her to investigate some ruins and gain some real experience but… Resett is jealous of their relationship… In the end, can Shin actually graduate successfully? And what secrets lye within these ancient ruins? – Characters Shin: Aiming to become a Doll Master but his grades are not that good. His mother was killed when he was still young which was a traumatic experience for him. Chloe: Triple Master. A world wide top class hunter. A friend of Shin’s father, she has been tasked to look after him. – System Multiple protagonist story. Form a party of up to 8 characters to take on your exploration adventures. While it may be a numbering title. Can be enjoyed as a standalone product. – Play time Main Scenario:10~15 hours Extra Scenario: 10~15 hours – CG Main story : 40 CG over Extra story : 100 CG over Event scene : 30 over – Translation English version is written in poor English. It will be provided in Japanese version, English version set. (The trial version will be in Japanese.) – Latest Information (Japanese Language) https://jpn.as-key.net/main/index.php/games/_________/ (English Language) https://jpn.as-key.net/main/index.php/games/_________1/ – Other The engine used to create this game is: Smile Game Builder ~RPG edition~ (C) 2016 SmileBoom Co.Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Some of the character data has been overwritten. Some in game BGM is has accredited to MaouDamashii – Update information Ver3.27e->Ver3.28e – event bugfix Succubus dream last battle.



Genre:Fantasy,Blowjob,Orgy Sex,Hypnosis,Little Erotic,Interspecies Sex

Release date:Mar/09/2017