The Demonization Action 2!

* Concept A retro-modern side scrolling action game that combines combines playability and practicality! * Story Another world, not unlike ours—– A place where monsters were abducting women. The nefarious inma were supposedly behind it, using the monsters to kidnap ladies and eat them. The inma is instinctively drawn to humans. The inma’s semen is a transformative elixir that turns them into demons. Demonized women breed inma offspring, and the species flourishes. As history tells us, a single girl brought their race to extinction but… It would seem that this was not the case. Their numbers are on the increase once more! and now humanity spends their days cowering in fear… It was at that time…. That a girl stood up to challenge……! * System (Can be enjoyed as a standalone product or even more so as a sequel.) The Demonization Action is a simple 2D side scrolling action game. Control the player and clear stages like the platformers from your childhood! 10 total stages, each with a stage boss. Defeat the final boss to win. Damage will destroy the player’s clothes until she’s completely nude. When she gains health, she gets a fresh blouse and skirt. After death, her corpse will continue to take attacks as she screams. The game difficulty is fairly high. Difficulty increases with each successive stage but, you have a continue for each stage to try again. Good luck! Plus, it includes an important modern feature: AUTOSAVE! (The game autosaves after each boss) * Changes from the previous release – Lowered the difficulty – Pose art is shown during the stages – Pose art is obscured during boss fights – When the character takes damage the character chip pose art loses clothing relative to that. * H Scenes H scenes are fully voiced. Each stage boss has their own H scene. Lose to the boss and the player will be taken captive and demonized, so if you want to clear the stage, do it before that happens! CG replay mode is included. All CGs will be unlocked in this mode when you complete all stages. * Notes Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates. Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.



Genre:Woman’s Viewpoint,Angel/Demon,Nonhuman/Monster Girl,Rape,Corrupted Morals

Release date:Mar/16/2017