Tkl Online!

A long time ago … ruled by powerful and evil forces that govern darkness, a continent called Orbis Terrarum existed. Tkl Online is for fans of: – Online games – MMORPGs Customizable characters More depth than the usual RPG Maker system Contents: Tkl Online (TO) is an MMO-style single player RPG created with RPG Maker VX. You are a human in the world of Orbis Terrarum, in which monsters and magic are real. – Slaughter monsters with an arsenal of weapons. – Down monsters in one swoop with powerful magic spells. – Develops skills to capture monsters. – Buy and sell goods and support other adventurers. Orbis Terrarum is a free-roaming open world where you have the freedom to become anything you want. Features: – Original UI – Mouse gameplay For more information check our homepage:




Release date:Mar/16/2014