You can make a girl in the train want to go to the bathroom! THIS IS THE ENGLISH TRANSLATED VERSION. The original creator did its translation. Any translation website are not used. All text are translated EXCEPT sound effects. Please check it with a demo version before you purchase. [OVERVIEW] This game only contains CGs about pooping. No penetration scene included. It doesn’t have much of game play value to be honest. There are 5 states of the girl holding it in. Each states has 10 lines(bubbles). In total 50 lines will be shown. You will see event CGs when you meet specific circumstances. There are 5 basic CGs and in totall 153 lines(bubbles). When you unlock all CGs, you will get one more omake event CG. Omake scene has 66 lines(bubbles) and 38 lines from those are loops. It comes with APK version as Omake. [SPEC] 5 basic CGs + 1 Omake CG In totall 48 Varients Resolution 720×960 [About Apk file] APK is just omake. WE DO NOT GUARANTEE IT WILL RUN ON YOUR ANDROID DEVICE SINCE IT COMPLETELY DEPENDS ON YOUR DEVICES. (We did check it ran on our android devices) [PC Requirements] Resolution:1920×1080(minimum) RAM: 2GB(minimum) 4GB(Recommended) [Android Requirements] android: 4.2(minimum) RAM:2GB(minimum) [Used Materials] Maoh Damashi Pocket Sounds CV:Suzukiryou/Blackworks Voice materials

Circle:No.L Studio



Release date:Feb/21/2016