Ultimate Fighting Girl: Type B!

He (you) beat down every opponent in legit contact sports. As an unrivaled champion, it’s time to try the underground world of MMA. No holds barred. No rules. KO that beautiful boxer to a sold out room… First-person fighting action game Boxing style For those who want to beat down a young lady. Voice: Yufu Hanamigawa Update Sept 16, 2015 Ver1.01 Launch issue fixed Update Nov 1, 2015 Ver1.02 Fixed bug when toggling common attack OFF in SP MOVE SETTINGS Fixed typo in titlebar Added breast sex / paizuri (select mode only, no dialogue voice) Changed select option for finish combo in select mode



Genre:Girl,Short Skirt,Sports,Fight,Coquettish,Woman Rapes Man,Big Breasts

Release date:Sep/19/2015