Virgin Invader!

= Virgin Invader V1.1 = – All CG added (10 CG) – Fixed 3rd CG – Arena Mode : 20 special fights for people who like more challenge (Unlock after cleared game) = Virgin Invader V1.02 = – Sound Bug Fixed – Add 2 new HCG (3rd and 4th boss) – In Animation Gallery add 4th H-state (Loop – Slow/Fast/Climax then back to slow) Can toggle by F1 & F2 – Bunny H-scene bug fixed = Virgin Invader V.1.01 = – Button config bug fixed – Weird HP bar fixed – Grey room on 3rd stage fixed – Continue bug on 6th stage fixed – Shadow Claw(Cat Maid – Summon Skill) sometime make enemy invincible fixed You are a powerful dict110ai demon with plans to conquer Virgin Land but, your are thwarted by a hero. Wounded but not beaten, you take refuge in the body of a human. However, this makes you mortal. Your goal is to ravish virgins and seed your dark power until you are restored. Go forth, powerless human! F*ck all virgins! Become the demon you once were and rule Virgin Land with impunity! MenZ Studio Presents: Virgin Invader An Adult R-18 Game 9 stages and 22 characters (14 regular, 8 bosses) Over 60 H spirit animations Summon 4 demon girls in battle to support you! Choose 4 difficulty options to suit your style! Screw your favorite character in the Climax Stage Zoom in and out with the N and M keys (if using a keyboard) USB game controller compatible! (Joytokey program included) – View the Virgin Invader trailer here: – 9 HCGs (Current version has only 4 CG but the rest will come out as update) – Cut Scenes & dialogues with both Japanese and English – Infinite HP/MP mode Please visit my blog:

Circle:MenZ Studio

Categories:Game,Action / Ecchi Adventure Game

Genre:Animalize,Rape,Bestiality,Virgin Female,Ryona/Brutal

Release date:Sep/14/2015