Paid date SEX with a LOLI met on social media! Interactive animation that MOVES / All scenes created with Live 2D TOUCHING & H w/ 10 arm and leg patterns + realtime joint articulation and facial angle movement (Un)dress her in a variety of fetish OUTFITS! Casual wear, maid, S&M bondage, with accessories! Piston action speed that YOU decide! Drag the mouse for manual control of humping the loli, her reactions change depending on how hard you XX her! Naturally you can also choose auto mode 😉 Check out the free trial and enjoy the action ~ Voice credit: Mizinko Materials (CV Phan Masaki) BGM&SE: Tiger LIliy, Nota no Mori, Maou Damashii Event scenes: Joker Script * Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility. Version history 2016/11/19 ver1.2 new content 2016/9/19 ver1.1 new content 2016/8/30 ver1.01 bug fix



Genre:Touching,Clothes Changing,Loli,Prostitution,Internal Cumshot,Tiny Breasts

Release date:Oct/09/2016