A man from Akihabara

[Product description provided by the creator] It contains both an English edition and a Japanese edition. A manga of 68 pages and a commentary of the history of Akihabara 3 pages. A couple of today’s youths who go toward Akihabara picked up an old man on their way. He said had lived in Akihabara, and told a long story of his life… 1945, just after WW2 in Akihabara black market. War orphans lived by commiting thievery saved a girl who was about to be assaulted by soldiers of the Occupation Army. Children rose in the black market, and made the world-class electric town, Akihabara from its dark side… A fiction based on the history of Akihabara. This is a Japanese style manga, so please read it from right to left.



Genre:Hot / Burning,Emotional / Touching,Crime / Gangster,Seinen Manga,Serious,Epic / Historical

Release date:09/28/2019