Chi*anda eru : Exposure diary

Chi*anda eru : Exposure diary One day Ibara found out the secret of Chitanda Eru not wearing a bra, Ibara was surprised and asked “Could it be that you don’t wear panties too?” Chitanda Eru admits her perverted habits and wants to be humiliated at school, a fun exposure adventure is about to begin!! Caution: this is light work regarding exposure in school, no sex and just the excitement of being naked in public but with the protection of his friends I will write my next work plan on Twitter, please follow @Safa_art27 Requests and requests will be considered, thank you! (English product description provided by the creator.)



Genre:Abnormal / Perverted,Collar / Chain / Restraints, Girl,Loli,Student,Outdoor,Outdoor Exposure,Shame / Humiliation

Release date:07/12/2022