Chieri-san Never Gives Up! Mixed Bathing Hot Spring of Cucking

This is compiled E-book of the manga series from July to September 2019 on Ci-en for download sale. Chieri, a strong willed married woman, is invited to go to a mixed bathing hot spring by her husband for cuckolding. ・ Since her husband loves cuckolding, this story is very positive! ・ A strong willed and busty married woman falls in sexual pleasure with 4 men in front of her husband ・ 38 pages for the manga part ・ Since the couple has a strong bond, NO CHEATING, but ONLY CUCKOLDING by husband. If you want to read NTR manga with a positive atmosphere, this is very good for you! There are sequel stories on Ci-en and Patreon!!



Genre:Married Woman,Cuckoldry (Netorare),Cuckoldry (Netorase),Internal Cumshot,Masturbation,Gangbang

Release date:11/17/2019